History of Michael Kors

Michael Kors and Estée Lauder's collaboration began with the launch of Michael Kors' first fragrance in 2000. This fragrance marked the beginning of a successful partnership between the renowned fashion designer and the iconic beauty brand. Named simply 'Michael,' the fragrance encapsulated Kors' signature style of luxury and sophistication, appealing to a wide audience with its modern yet timeless scent.

Over the years, Michael Kors and Estée Lauder continued to collaborate on various fragrance releases, each embodying the essence of the Michael Kors brand. These fragrances became synonymous with elegance and glamour, reflecting Kors' vision of accessible luxury. With their distinct scents and stylish packaging, Michael Kors fragrances became a staple in the world of perfumery, beloved by consumers globally.

The partnership between Michael Kors and Estée Lauder expanded beyond fragrances, with the introduction of makeup and skincare products under the Michael Kors Beauty umbrella. These products mirrored Kors' aesthetic, offering consumers luxurious beauty essentials infused with sophistication and innovation. With each new release, Michael Kors and Estée Lauder continued to redefine beauty standards, blending fashion and beauty seamlessly to create products that exude confidence and style. Today, Michael Kors Beauty remains a prominent player in the beauty industry, embodying the timeless allure and elegance that both brands are renowned for.