History of Jo Malone

Jo Malone is a luxury fragrance and lifestyle brand founded by Joanne Lesley Malone in London in 1983. Malone, originally a facial therapist, started creating her own fragrances from her kitchen. Her unique blends gained popularity among friends and clients, leading to the opening of her first boutique in 1994 in London's Chelsea neighborhood. Jo Malone's signature style emphasized simplicity, elegance, and the use of high-quality ingredients.

In 1999, Estée Lauder Companies acquired Jo Malone, recognizing its potential for growth and its alignment with the company's portfolio of prestigious beauty brands. Under Estée Lauder's ownership, Jo Malone expanded its global presence, opening boutiques in major cities worldwide. Despite the acquisition, Jo Malone retained its distinct identity and continued to produce innovative fragrances and luxury skincare products. The brand's collaborations with renowned perfumers and artists further solidified its reputation as a leader in the fragrance industry.

Throughout the years, Jo Malone's commitment to craftsmanship and creativity has remained steadfast, earning it a loyal following among discerning consumers. Its product range has expanded to include candles, bath and body products, and home fragrances, all maintaining the brand's hallmark of sophistication and luxury. Today, Jo Malone stands as a prominent player in the global fragrance market, celebrated for its timeless scents and enduring legacy within the Estée Lauder family of brands.