History of Outbrain

Outbrain is a prominent advertising technology company founded in 2006 by Yaron Galai and Ori Lahav. It pioneered the concept of native advertising, which seamlessly integrates sponsored content into the user's natural online experience. Initially launched in Israel, Outbrain quickly expanded its reach globally, becoming a key player in the digital advertising industry.

The company's platform serves as a content discovery network, allowing publishers to promote their articles and websites alongside organic content recommendations on major media websites. Outbrain's algorithms analyze user behavior to deliver personalized content recommendations, thereby enhancing user engagement and driving traffic for publishers.

Over the years, Outbrain has grown through strategic acquisitions and partnerships. It merged with Taboola in 2021 to create a powerhouse in the digital advertising space, leveraging their combined expertise to provide more comprehensive advertising solutions. Outbrain continues to evolve its platform and services, maintaining its position as a leader in content discovery and native advertising technology.