History of Sudocrem

Sudocrem is a well-known antiseptic healing cream that has been a staple in households for decades. Developed in 1931 by Thomas Smith in Dublin, Ireland, Sudocrem was originally created as a soothing cream for use on burns and nappy rash. The name 'Sudocrem' comes from its primary active ingredient, zinc oxide, which provides a protective barrier to the skin. Its thick, water-repellent base also contains other ingredients like benzyl benzoate and benzyl alcohol, which are both antiseptics that help to heal skin and prevent infection.

Over the years, Sudocrem has gained popularity not only in the UK and Ireland but also internationally, becoming a trusted household name among parents and caregivers for treating a variety of minor skin conditions. Its effectiveness in soothing and protecting irritated skin has earned it a reputation as a versatile and reliable product. Sudocrem is now manufactured by Teva UK Limited and is widely available in pharmacies and supermarkets around the world.

Due to its gentle yet effective formulation, Sudocrem has stood the test of time and remains a go-to product for many people seeking relief from skin irritations and minor wounds. Its continued success is a testament to its original design and its ability to adapt to the changing needs of consumers over the decades.