History of Softsoap

The 'Softsoap' brand, now owned by Colgate-Palmolive, was originally introduced in 1978 by Minnetonka Corporation, a small company in Chaska, Minnesota. Softsoap was a pioneering product in the liquid soap market, effectively revolutionizing how consumers approached handwashing by offering an alternative to traditional bar soap. The brand gained significant traction due to its convenience and hygienic advantages, which appealed to consumers increasingly concerned with health and cleanliness.

In 1987, Colgate-Palmolive recognized the potential of the Softsoap brand and acquired it from Minnetonka Corporation. This acquisition allowed Colgate-Palmolive to diversify its product portfolio and capitalize on the growing demand for liquid soap products. Since then, Softsoap has expanded its range to include various formulations, fragrances, and specialty products, maintaining a strong presence in the personal care market.