History of Dairy Milk

Dairy Milk, a renowned chocolate brand, is a flagship product of Cadbury, which is currently owned by Mondelēz International. Introduced in 1905 in the United Kingdom, Dairy Milk quickly gained popularity due to its rich, creamy taste derived from a higher milk content compared to its competitors. The original recipe was developed by George Cadbury Jr., and its success established Dairy Milk as a staple in the British confectionery market. The brand's distinctive purple packaging and its slogan, 'a glass and a half of milk in every half pound,' became iconic representations of the quality and richness of the product.

Throughout its history, Dairy Milk has undergone various transformations and expansions. Over the decades, Cadbury introduced several variants, including fruit and nut, caramel, and whole nut, catering to diverse consumer preferences. The brand has also embraced innovative marketing campaigns, such as the famous 'Gorilla' advertisement in 2007, which further solidified its place in popular culture. In 2010, Kraft Foods acquired Cadbury, and subsequently, Mondelēz International became the parent company after Kraft's split in 2012. Under Mondelēz, Dairy Milk continued to expand globally, maintaining its reputation for quality and becoming a beloved chocolate brand worldwide.