History of Carnation

Carnation, known for its iconic evaporated milk, has a rich history dating back to 1899. It was founded by Elbridge Amos Stuart in Seattle, Washington, under the name Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company. Stuart sought to develop a more shelf-stable milk product that could withstand long journeys and remain fresh. The result was evaporated milk, which quickly gained popularity due to its convenience and longer shelf life compared to regular milk.

In 1901, the company changed its name to Carnation Evaporated Milk Company, inspired by the purity and whiteness of the blossom. The Carnation brand continued to grow, becoming a household name across America. During World War II, Carnation became a major supplier of evaporated milk to the U.S. military.

Over the years, Carnation expanded its product line beyond evaporated milk to include sweetened condensed milk, coffee creamers, and other dairy products. In 1985, Nestlé acquired Carnation Company, integrating it into its broader portfolio. Today, Carnation products are still beloved by consumers worldwide for their quality and reliability, embodying over a century of innovation in the dairy industry.