History of Sprite

Sprite, a lemon-lime flavored soft drink, has a rich history within The Coca-Cola Company's portfolio. It was first introduced in 1961 as a response to the emerging popularity of lemon-lime flavored sodas. Created by a team of Coca-Cola researchers in West Germany, Sprite was initially developed under the name 'Fanta Klare Zitrone' (Clear Lemon Fanta) before being rebranded as Sprite for its international launch in 1961. Its clear, caffeine-free formula and refreshing taste quickly gained traction among consumers seeking an alternative to cola-based drinks.

Throughout the years, Sprite has undergone several iterations and marketing campaigns to maintain its relevance and appeal to a wide audience. In the 1980s, the 'Obey Your Thirst' campaign was launched, emphasizing individuality and authenticity, which resonated with youth culture. The 1990s saw the introduction of the iconic Sprite can featuring a graffiti-inspired design, further solidifying its connection with urban youth culture. Additionally, Sprite has been known for its sponsorship of various events and initiatives, including basketball tournaments and music festivals, aligning itself with activities enjoyed by its target demographic. Today, Sprite continues to be a popular choice for consumers seeking a crisp and refreshing soft drink option within the Coca-Cola family of beverages.