History of Snuggle

The Snuggle brand, owned by Henkel, has a rich history that dates back to 1983 when it was first introduced in the United States. Snuggle quickly gained popularity as a fabric softener that provided long-lasting freshness and softness to laundry. Its iconic blue teddy bear mascot became synonymous with comfort and cuddliness, reinforcing the brand’s message of softness.

Over the years, Snuggle has expanded its product line to include various scents and formulations, catering to different consumer preferences. In 2005, Henkel acquired the Snuggle brand as part of its strategy to strengthen its position in the laundry care market. Since then, Henkel has continued to innovate and improve the Snuggle product line, maintaining its reputation as a trusted name in fabric care.

Today, Snuggle remains a well-loved brand, known for its quality and commitment to providing soft, fresh-smelling laundry experiences. Its products are available in various forms, including liquid fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and scent boosters, meeting the diverse needs of consumers worldwide.