History of Slice

Slice is a fruit-flavored carbonated soft drink brand that was initially launched by PepsiCo in 1984. Positioned as a healthier alternative to traditional sodas, Slice gained popularity with its variety of fruit flavors and its marketing campaigns focusing on its natural ingredients. In its early years, Slice was known for its signature orange flavor, which competed directly with other popular orange sodas on the market.

However, despite its initial success, Slice faced challenges in maintaining its market share as consumer preferences shifted towards other beverage options. PepsiCo rebranded Slice several times over the years in an attempt to revitalize the brand and appeal to changing consumer tastes. These efforts included introducing new flavors such as lemon-lime, grape, and cherry cola, as well as experimenting with different marketing strategies.

Despite these efforts, Slice struggled to maintain its relevance in the competitive beverage industry. In the early 2000s, PepsiCo made the decision to focus its resources on other core brands within its portfolio, leading to a decline in marketing support for Slice. Eventually, PepsiCo discontinued the Slice brand in the United States market, although it continued to be available in certain international markets. Today, Slice remains a nostalgic favorite for many consumers who remember its heyday in the 1980s and 1990s, but its presence in the beverage industry has significantly diminished.