History of Noon.com

Noon.com is a prominent e-commerce platform in the Middle East, established by Emirati businessman Mohamed Alabbar in 2017. The platform was envisioned to cater to the growing demand for online shopping in the region, providing a wide range of products from electronics and fashion to home goods and groceries. It launched officially in the UAE in September 2017, followed by Saudi Arabia in December of the same year.

The creation of Noon.com was a strategic move to compete with global giants like Amazon, which had begun to enter the Middle Eastern market. Mohamed Alabbar, also known for his role in developing the Burj Khalifa, saw an opportunity to tap into the region's burgeoning e-commerce sector. Despite facing initial challenges, Noon.com expanded rapidly, leveraging Alabbar's extensive network and experience in the business world.

Over the years, Noon.com has continued to grow and diversify its offerings, introducing new features like Noon Daily for grocery delivery and Noon VIP for premium services. It has also expanded its reach to Egypt and other countries in the region. Today, Noon.com remains a key player in the Middle Eastern e-commerce landscape, known for its competitive pricing, reliable delivery, and customer-centric approach.