History of #Mydentity

Mydentity is a professional hair color brand created by the renowned global company Henkel. The brand was developed by Guy Tang, a prominent stylist and social media personality known for his innovative hair coloring techniques. Mydentity was launched in 2016 with the aim of providing hairstylists and their clients with high-quality, customizable hair color solutions.

The brand quickly gained popularity among hair professionals and consumers alike due to its vibrant and diverse range of colors, as well as its commitment to innovation and self-expression. Mydentity products are formulated with ingredients that prioritize hair health and quality, offering a range of options from vibrant semi-permanent colors to long-lasting permanent dyes.

Under Henkel's stewardship, Mydentity continues to be a leading name in the hair color industry, combining creativity with scientific expertise to deliver products that empower hairstylists and their clients to achieve stunning and personalized hair color results.