History of Movenpick

Movenpick is a brand of ice cream owned by Nestlé, known for its luxury Swiss ice creams and desserts. The history of Mövenpick dates back to the 1960s when Ueli Prager, the founder of the Mövenpick Hotel chain, partnered with the ice cream maker, Ernst Thomi, to create a high-quality ice cream for the hotel restaurants. They focused on using natural ingredients and traditional Swiss recipes, ensuring a premium product.

The Mövenpick brand gained popularity not only in Switzerland but also internationally due to its commitment to quality and exquisite taste. In 2003, Nestlé acquired the Mövenpick brand, expanding its distribution and making it more widely available worldwide. Today, Mövenpick ice cream is recognized for its luxurious flavors and high-quality ingredients, staying true to its Swiss heritage and maintaining its reputation for gourmet ice cream.

Nestlé has continued to innovate under the Mövenpick brand, introducing new flavors and packaging while preserving the original recipes and commitment to excellence that made Mövenpick a household name in ice cream. The brand is known for its premium Swiss ice cream and desserts, enjoyed in homes and restaurants across the globe.