History of Kinley

Kinley is a brand known primarily for its bottled water, but its history has a rich and varied trajectory. Established in 1991, Kinley was originally founded in Switzerland by Schweppes, a British beverage company. Schweppes aimed to tap into the burgeoning market for bottled water, which was experiencing significant growth due to increasing health consciousness and concerns about tap water quality. Kinley quickly gained popularity, leveraging Schweppes' reputation for quality beverages and its strong distribution network.

Over the years, Kinley expanded its presence globally, becoming a trusted name in the bottled water industry. The brand's commitment to purity and quality helped it thrive in markets around the world. In 2000, Coca-Cola acquired Schweppes, which included the Kinley brand among its assets. This acquisition further strengthened Kinley's position, providing access to Coca-Cola's extensive resources and distribution channels. With Coca-Cola's backing, Kinley continued to innovate, introducing new products and packaging formats to meet evolving consumer preferences. Today, Kinley remains a prominent player in the bottled water market, offering a range of products tailored to different tastes and lifestyles, while maintaining its commitment to quality and purity.