History of Harpic

Harpic, a leading brand in toilet cleaning products, has a history that traces back to the early 20th century. It was first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1929 by Reckitt & Sons (now Reckitt Benckiser). The product was designed to address the need for a powerful and effective toilet cleaner that could remove stains and kill germs. Harpic quickly gained popularity due to its strong disinfecting properties and ability to leave toilets sparkling clean.

Over the years, Harpic expanded its product line to include a variety of toilet cleaning solutions such as liquid cleaners, toilet bowl tablets, and rim blocks. The brand’s focus on innovation has led to the development of advanced formulations that offer superior cleaning performance, targeting tough stains and limescale while ensuring a hygienic environment. Harpic has also placed significant emphasis on user convenience and environmental sustainability, incorporating ergonomic packaging and eco-friendly ingredients.

Harpic's commitment to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene has made it a household name in many countries worldwide. Today, it continues to be a market leader in the toilet care segment, trusted by millions of consumers for its reliability and effectiveness in promoting bathroom hygiene.