History of Glow and Lovely

Glow & Lovely, formerly known as Fair & Lovely, has a contentious history that spans several decades. Originally launched in 1975 by Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), the brand gained immense popularity across South Asia, positioning itself as a skin-lightening cream promising to enhance fairness. Despite its commercial success, Fair & Lovely faced criticism for perpetuating colorism and promoting harmful beauty standards, particularly concerning fair skin being equated with beauty and success.

In response to mounting social pressure and evolving consumer sentiments, HUL announced a rebranding initiative in 2020, renaming the product to Glow & Lovely. This move aimed to shift the brand's focus towards promoting inclusivity and celebrating diverse beauty standards. Alongside the name change, the company introduced new marketing campaigns emphasizing empowerment and confidence, signaling a departure from its earlier messaging centered around fairness. However, the rebranding efforts have sparked debates about the effectiveness of such changes in addressing deeper societal issues related to beauty standards and discrimination based on skin color. Despite these challenges, Glow & Lovely continues to navigate its complex history, striving to adapt to changing cultural norms and consumer expectations.