History of Clear

Clear is a brand of hair care products that gained prominence for its innovative approach to addressing scalp and hair issues. Developed by Unilever, Clear was introduced in 1979 as a breakthrough anti-dandruff shampoo. Its formula contained a potent blend of ingredients aimed at targeting the root cause of dandruff, such as zinc pyrithione, which effectively combats the fungus associated with flaking scalp.

Over the years, Clear expanded its product line to include various formulations catering to different hair types and concerns. With a focus on scientific research and development, Clear positioned itself as a trusted solution for not only dandruff but also overall scalp health. Its marketing campaigns emphasized the importance of a healthy scalp as the foundation for beautiful hair, resonating with consumers globally. Clear's success in addressing scalp issues and delivering visible results contributed to its continued growth and popularity in the competitive hair care market.

In recent years, Clear has evolved further, integrating advanced technologies and botanical extracts into its products to offer comprehensive solutions for various hair and scalp needs. With a commitment to innovation and efficacy, Clear continues to be a leading player in the hair care industry, providing consumers with effective solutions for maintaining healthy, beautiful hair.