History of Priceline

Priceline, founded in 1997 by Jay S. Walker, is a pioneering online travel agency that revolutionized the way people book travel accommodations. One of its groundbreaking features was the 'Name Your Own Price' tool, which allowed customers to bid on hotel rooms, flights, rental cars, and vacation packages at their desired price point. This innovative approach disrupted the traditional travel industry by enabling consumers to potentially secure significant discounts.

In 1999, Priceline went public with one of the most successful initial public offerings (IPOs) in history, showcasing its rapid growth and market dominance. The company's success continued through the early 2000s, with strategic acquisitions like Booking.com in 2005, which expanded its international presence. Over the years, Priceline diversified its offerings, introducing services such as Express Deals and PriceBreakers to cater to different consumer preferences and needs. In 2014, the company rebranded itself as Booking Holdings to align with its primary subsidiary, Booking.com, while maintaining Priceline as one of its key brands. Today, Booking Holdings remains one of the world's leading online travel companies, with Priceline continuing to play a significant role in its portfolio of brands.